Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Office

As in my favorite TV show...seriously, who could not love The Office?
And not the British version, the US version. Having grown up on British telly, I find it mind boggling that I'm not a fan but really, the US version is just my cup of tea. I'm almost done with Season 5 (yay NetFlix) and it only improves with each season. My girls love this show and in my office life I can relate - there's a Dwight Schrute in my office, a Toby, a Jim, a Pam, a Daryl, a Ryan, definitely quite a few Kelly Kapoor's (hello, I'm in Utah...ha ha), ditto Phyllis. They all rock - Stanley, Creed, Oscar, Angela, level headed David Wallace, The Nard Dog, Meredith, Kevin, Jan, Karen & Holly. But Nisi reckons I am most like the quirky, insecure and loveable Michael Scott - I just want everyone to be happy. You nailed it...ha ha.