Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My grandkids are the cutest! Yes, they are...

Anna wrote about Siutaisa, her almost 3 year old recently...

Monday we took the kids to the temple and after we were done I went into the car with Jaxon and Nisi (cause I can't bear the cold!) and Sione took Taisa to the waterfall at the Conference Center so they could throw pennies.

Sione: Throw your penny and make a wish!
Taisa: What?
Sione: Make a wish means what do you want?
Taisa: I want to go potty.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not everyone can be thin, but everyone can be fit.

"Get moving!" I remind myself daily. Working at a computer and sitting for 10 hours a day just isn't what God had in mind when He created our bodies. I have not done His plan justice and it's apparent in my BP levels and heart health (thanks Grandpa! sheesh...) so I keep my Ipod charged and buy quality running shoes (Saucony, my personal fav). Thankfully I live in a hilly location so my personal gym consists of the hills near work and home. When Latanya ran her 1st 1/2 marathon 2 years ago, she did it without music - that's right, no Ipod!?! I couldn't go 10 minutes without music recharging my drive... Paying tribute to the inspiring marathoners, runners or walking heroes in my life - Mum (Nana), Nisi & Anna (SGU Sand Hollow marathon), Fanua (yes, Fanua & I walked Amanaki on the 3 mile Boise walk for health run in 2008), Milika (always running), Latanya (SLC 1/2 marathon 2007), Mele & Tori (always a gym membership on hand), Wayne & Joe (cute sports jocks - rugby, football, wrestling, golf...) and of course Chelsi Dawn Petersen - if you were fortunate enough to know her (and her family), it was instant love. She inspired us all!

Welcome to my blog!

My kids have been nagging me to put up a blog so here it is! Ta da! (as Jaxon says...) Label me a very proud mother of the beautiful and talented Pikula Angels. We moved from Hawaii to the southwest and have enjoyed our tour of duty - SGU has been good to us and for us. Over the last several years some of my kids have married and started families of their own, headed off for college and LDS missions or the bright lights and jobs of SLC have quickly claimed them.

So I'm transitioning from the survival mode to enjoying life more. Personal health, working "smart", using my vacation hours for actual vacations, loving and supporting my kids, grandkids, mother, brother & immediate family, working on my debt snowball, monthly "ladies night" at my house are some of the goals I've been having fun with this year. My cup runneth over, I am truly blessed!