Friday, July 31, 2009

Paris in the Spring Time

Oh yes I did... I went to Paris in the spring time (just like the song). WOW oh WOW! My coworker Jill Jones and I flew to Paris in April for a few days. The Louvre, Versailles (my fav), Monte Martre, Sacre Cour, Champs Ellyses, Notre Dame, riding the metro (surprisingly easy), eating crepes & chocolat croissants (oh my) - bakeries are on every corner. We walked miles daily and needed to (after failing to pass up yet another bakery). Jill got us a great deal at the Paris Hilton, we didn't take enough Euros but money exchange booths were readily available. What a trip! Can't wait to go again - hopefully this time it will be a trip with some of my kids.
Magnifique! Sensationnel! Merveilleux!

I'm Baaaack!

My excuse for not updating is I forgot my gmail logon & password and finally figured it out! So much has happened since my last posting. My oldest handsome son Wayne got married to beautiful Annie at the Mt. Timpanogos temple June 19, 2009. Pikula family reunion was held around their wedding so it was a great week! Latanya is LOVING her mission, especially being in Yap and becoming fluent in the language. Milika's kids have been doing great in sports with Breana excelling in track and field. Nisi's family has been enjoying the summer break - school is only 2 weeks away. Anna and her 3 little ones have attempted to come to SGU for a well deserved break but we're still waiting... Fanua & Sefa will head out for a mini vacation in August and I'm going to Boise to watch Naki - yay for me! Mele had a debut showing of her stylish hair pieces at the MOST beautiful La Caille restaurant in Little Cottonwood Canyon (trust me, when I do start the dating game thingy, a lunch/dinner date WILL happen at this little piece of heaven). Check out Mele's web at Tori has had a memorable, fun filled summer - Bear Lake, etc. Joe FINALLY got a job - SLC airport food catering planes. His passion is rugby and he's quite the studly stud. Wayne also got a job at Delta (ramp agent) - just ask me how excited I really am to have Delta flight bennies!! Oh yeah, my new passion is Zumba! Discovered this heart pumping, fun filled aerobic work out (music is awesome!) so when I'm not traveling I go about 4x per week. Love it!